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rosjava_dynamic_reconfigure 0.2.4


=== Unofficial dynamic_reconfigure for Java ===

h1. Doc.

h2. Clone this repository into your workspace

h2. Add dependancy of RosJava_dynamic_reconfiguration to your project

Build.gradle compile project('..:rosjava_dynamic_reconfigure')

setting.gradle include '..:rosjava_dynamic_reconfigure'

h2. Implement in your code

Rosjava_dynamic_reconfigure has only a engine for dynamic_reconfigure runtime stack. No catkin generation is available !!!

You does implement in your project the configuration of the parameter.

create in your projet a XxxxxConfig ("xxxxx" has a name of your project) and extends from BaseParam of rosjava_dynamic_reconfiguration. in you node constructor use "add" function to param your config

After then, call in your node : new Server( conectedNode, new XxxxxxConfig(conectedNode), new ReconfigureListener() { @Override public XxxxxxConfig onReconfigure(XxxxxxConfig config, int level) { // TODO Read or update the current configuration return config; } });


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