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rail_user_queue_manager 0.0.2


rail_user_queue_manager Build Status

Server Side ROS Queue Node

For full documentation, see the ROS wiki.


queue_manager is released with a BSD license. For full terms and conditions, see the LICENSE file.


See the file for a full list of contributors.

Notes From Peter

Topics: - rms_queue - publishes for each user: user id, time left in queue (valid for non 1st user only), and time left in study (valid for 1st user only)

Services: - update_queue - called by the web interface when someone: loads the webpage, reloads the webpage, exist the browser, or navigates to another website

Known Bugs

  • study time can go negative when all users leave the queue. This has never caused any inappropriate behavior though, since it only happens when everyone leaves
  • study time described in the Ros_Queue object may not be respected, and will default to 10 minute trials. It should work but I has at times not worked. At least you know it's possible.


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