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PILZ Safety Laserscanner PSENscan

Package: psen_scan

The psen_scan package is a ROS integration of the PSENscan Safety laser scanner product. It allows for an easy integration of the Laserscanner-data into your ROS-Environment. Using the standard sensor_msgs/LaserScan message format ensures compatibility with other laserscan-post-processing nodes such as gmapping.

Pilz Safety Laserscanner

Type Features Order number
Common features:
  • compliant and approved in accordance with: EN/IEC 61496-1: Type 3, EN ISO 13849-1: PL d, IEC 61508: SIL 2
  • opening angle: 275°
  • operating range: 3.0 or 5.5 m safety zone, 40 m warning zone
  • reaction time: 62 ms
  • Protection type: IP65
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm: 152 x 102 x 112.5
Light versions Additional features: Muting, EDM, Override
PSEN sc L 3.0 08-12 3.0 m safety zone, 8 or 12-pin exchangeable memory module 6D000012
PSEN sc L 5.5 08-12 5.5 m safety zone, 8 or 12-pin exchangeable memory module 6D000013
Master versions Additional features: Muting, EDM, Override, restart in accordance with EN ISO 61496-3, vertical applications
PSEN sc M 3.0 08-12 3.0 m safety zone, 8 or 12-pin exchangeable memory module 6D000016
PSEN sc M 5.5 08-12 5.5 m safety zone, 8 or 12-pin exchangeable memory module 6D000017

Table of Contents

  1. Setup
  2. ROS API
  3. Usage


To use the package, you can install it with

sudo apt install ros-melodic-psen-scan

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Needed Equipment: - PSENscan Safety laser scanner - ROS Machine


Published Topics

/laser_scanner/scan (sensor_msgs/LaserScan)
Publishes a complete scan from the PSENscan Safety laser scanner.


password (string, default: "ac0d68d033")
Password for Safety laser scanner.

host_ip (string, default: "")
IP-Address of host machine.

host_udp_port (int, default: 55115)
UDP Port on which packets from Safety laser scanner should be received.

sensor_ip (string, default: "")
IP-Address of Safety laser scanner.

frame_id (string, default: "scanner")
Identifier used for transformations within ROS environment.

skip (int, default: 0)
How many incoming frames should be skipped (reduces publish rate).

angle_start (float, default: 0)
Start angle of measurement.

angle_end (float, default: 275)
End angle of measurement.

x_axis_rotation (float, default: 137.5)
Clockwise rotation of the x-axis around the center in degrees.

publish_topic (string, default: "scan")
Topic to publish LaserScan data on.

node_name (string, default: "laser_scanner")
Name of Node in ROS Environment. Useful when using multiple Scanners.


To start reading from the Safety laser scanner and publishing complete scans execute roslaunch psen_scan psen_scan.launch in a command line. This will launch the ROS Node with the default configuration.

If you wish to set parameters from the command line, add them to the end of the command as follows: parameter:=value, separated by spaces.

roslaunch psen_scan psen_scan.launch host_ip:= host_udp_port:=3050

This example configures the Safety laser scanner to send it´s frames to

You need further information?

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Find more information about the Pilz manipulator module on the product website.

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Pilz is an international-scale, innovative automation technology company. Pilz uses its solutions to create safety for man, machine and the environment. In addition to head office in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, the family business is represented over 2,400 employees at 42 subsidiaries and branches on all continents.

The company’s products include sensor technology, electronic monitoring relays, safety relays, configurable and programmable control systems, automation solutions with motion control, systems for industrial communication as well as visualization solutions and operator terminals.

Pilz solutions can be used in all areas of mechanical engineering, including the packaging and automotive sector, plus the railway technology, press and wind energy sectors. These solutions ensure that baggage handling systems run safely at airports and funiculars or roller coasters travel safely; they also guarantee fire protection and energy supply in buildings.


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