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maliput_malidrive 0.1.1




A maliput backend.

An implementation of Maliput's API that allows users to instantiate a RoadNetwork based on the OpenDRIVE format specification.

OpenDRIVE format specification coverage

The following table keeps track on the capabilities of the maliput_malidrive's XODR parser according to the 1.5 version of OpenDRIVE format specification.

Group SubGroup OpenDRIVE Record Status
Road Link Predecessor/Successor :green_circle:
Road Link Neighbor :red_circle:
Road Road Type Type :green_circle:
Road Road Type Country :green_circle:
Road Road Type Speed :green_circle:
Road PlanView Lines :green_circle:
Road PlanView Arcs :green_circle:
Road PlanView Spirals :red_circle:
Road PlanView Cubic Polynomials :red_circle:
Road PlanView Parametric Cubic Polynomials :red_circle:
Road ElevationProfile Elevation :green_circle:
Road LateralProfile Superelevation :green_circle:
Road LateralProfile Crossfall :red_circle:
Road LateralProfile Road Shape :red_circle:
Road Road Objects Road Shape :red_circle:
Road Road Signals Road Shape :red_circle:
Road Surface OpenCRG :red_circle:
Road Railroad Elements RailRoad Switches :red_circle:
LaneSection LaneOffset Lane Offset :green_circle:
LaneSection Lane Left :green_circle:
LaneSection Lane Center :green_circle:
LaneSection Lane Right :green_circle:
LaneSection Lane LaneLink :green_circle:
LaneSection Lane LaneWidth :green_circle:
LaneSection Lane LaneBorder :red_circle:
LaneSection Lane RoadMark :red_circle:
LaneSection Lane LaneMaterial :red_circle:
LaneSection Lane LaneVisibility :red_circle:
LaneSection Lane LaneSpeed :green_circle:
LaneSection Lane LaneAccess :red_circle:
LaneSection Lane LaneRule :red_circle:
Controller ControlEntry ControlEntry :red_circle:
Junction Connection Predecessor :green_circle:
Junction Connection Successor :green_circle:
Junction Connection LaneLink :green_circle:
Junction Priority Priority :red_circle:
Junction Controller Controller :red_circle:
Junction Surface Surface :red_circle:
JunctionGroup Junction Reference Junction Reference :red_circle:
Stations Platform Segment :red_circle:
Ancillary Data Lane userData :green_circle:
Include tag Include file include :red_circle:
Alternative Layouts Sets set :red_circle:
Data Quality Description dataQuality dataQuality :red_circle:


  1. Setup a maliput_malidrive (or a wider maliput) development workspace as described here

  2. Bring up your development workspace:

cd path/to/my/workspace
source ./bringup

  1. Build maliput_malidrive packages and their dependencies:
   colcon build --packages-up-to maliput_malidrive

Note: To build documentation a -BUILD_DOCS cmake flag is required:

   colcon build --packages-up-to maliput_malidrive --cmake-args " -DBUILD_DOCS=On"

Run sample applications

  1. Bring up your development workspace:
cd path/to/my/workspace
source ./bringup

  1. Source your build:
source ./install/setup.bash

And then run one of the sample applications. To fully inspect them, visit the applications directory.

There are more applications for using maliput_malidrive backend. See maliput_integration repository.


See maliput_documentation repository for further documentation.


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