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TU/e Robotics image_recognition

CI Industrial CI

Packages for image recognition - Robocup TU/e Robotics

Package status & Description

Package Build status Xenial Kinetic x64 Description
image_recognition Build Status Meta package for all image_recognition packages.
image_recognition_analysis Build Status analysis for image recognition
image_recognition_color_extractor Build Status Extract dominant colors from images
image_recognition_jetson Build Status ROS wrapper for Jetson Inference ( for running inference using TensorRT.
image_recognition_keras Build Status ROS wrappers for Keras neural nets.
image_recognition_msgs Build Status Interface definition for image recognition
image_recognition_openface Build Status ROS wrapper for Openface ( to detect and recognize faces in images.
image_recognition_openpose Build Status ROS wrapper for Openpose ( for getting poses of 2D images.
image_recognition_pytorch Build Status ROS wrapper around a PyTorch model for ( for getting age & gender estimations on faces
image_recognition_rqt Build Status RQT tools with helpers testing this interface and training/labeling data.
image_recognition_skybiometry Build Status ROS wrapper for Skybiometry ( for getting face properties of a detected face, e.g. age estimation, gender estimation etc.
image_recognition_tensorflow Build Status Object recognition with use of Tensorflow. The user can retrain the top layers of a neural network to perform classification with its own dataset as described in this tutorial.
image_recognition_tensorflow_rqt Build Status RQT tools for retraining a Tensorflow neural network.
image_recognition_util Build Status Utils shared among image recognition packages

How to

Object recognition

Step 1: label images with the image_recognition_rqt#annotation-plugin

Annotate <-- Youtube video

Step 2: train a neural network with the image_recognition_tensorflow_rqt

Train <-- Youtube video

Step 3: predict labels for new data with the image_recognition_rqt#test-plugin

Recognize <-- Youtube video

Face recognition

See the tutorial at image_recognition_openface

Face recognition <-- Youtube video


Clone the repo in your catkin_ws:

    cd ~/catkin_ws/src
    git clone

Build your catkin workspace cd ~/catkin_ws catkin_make


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