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EusLisp was originally developed by Dr. Toshihiro Matsui at AIST

This page and repository are maintained by JSK at The University of Tokyo.


EusLisp is an integrated programming system for the research on intelligent robots based on Common Lisp and Object-Oriented programming. The principal subjects in the field of robotics research are sensory data processing, visual environment recognition, collision avoiding motion planning, and task planning. In either problem, three dimensional shape models of robots and environment play crucial roles. A motivation to the development of EusLisp was a demand for an extensible solid modeler that can easily be made use of from higher level symbolic processing system. Investigations into traditional solid modelers proved that the vital requirement for their implementation language was the list processing capability to represent and manage topology among model components. Numerical computation power was also important, but locality of geometric computation suggested the provision of vector/matrix functions as built-ins would greatly ease programming. (From EusLisp Manual, Part I, EusLisp Basics, 1. Introduction)

How To Download and Compile


Please check for easy binary installation and how to run current demo programs. Most of programs in EusLisp/lib/ EusLisp/contrib/ directories are outdated.

Source Installation (Experts Only)

Note: we strongly recommend you to check for download and compile euslisp and irteus; humanoid model description and other useful function layer on euslisp. Following description is only for euslisp hard-core developers.

$ git clone euslisp
$ cd euslisp
$ export ARCHDIR=Linux64
$ export EUSDIR=`pwd`
$ cd lisp
$ ln -sf Makefile.Linux64 Makefile
$ make eus0 eus1 eus2 eusg eusx eusgl eus

For cygwin sytem, set ARCHDIR=Cygwin and ln -sf Makefile.Cygwin Makefile
For 32bit Linux system, set ARCHDIR=Linux and ln -sf Makefile.Linux.thread Makefile


See online manual. (Japanese translation manual)

Download PDF version (English, Japanese)

Original EusLisp Homepage

Robots using EusLisp based Robot Software

  • Jijo-2 Robot
  • Remote brain robots (apelike, hanzo, sasuke, igoid, akira, haru, gibbon, jikokuten, taro, kaz and many.....)
  • Musculoskeletal humanoids: Kotaro, Kojiro
  • Robot Platform in JSK: Aibo, Hoap, HRP2W, HRP2JSK, PR2, Nao