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clover🍀: create autonomous drones easily

COEX Clover Drone

Clover is an open source ROS-based framework, providing user-friendly tools to control PX4-powered drones. Clover is available as a ROS package, but is shipped mainly as a preconfigured image for Raspberry Pi. Once you've installed Raspberry Pi on your drone and flashed the image to its microSD card, taking the drone up in the air is a matter of minutes.

COEX Clover Drone is an educational programmable drone kit, suited perfectly for running clover software. The kit is shipped unassembled and includes Pixracer-compatible autopilot running PX4 firmware, Raspberry Pi 4 as a companion computer, a camera for computer vision navigation as well as additional sensors and peripheral devices. Batteries included.

The main documentation is available at Official website:

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Video compilation

Clover Drone Kit autonomy compilation

Clover drone is used on a wide range of educational events, including Copter Hack, WorldSkills Drone Operation competition, Autonomous Vehicles Track of NTI Olympics 2016–2020, Quadro Hack 2019 (National University of Science and Technology MISiS), Russian Robot Olympiad (autonomous flights), and others.

Raspberry Pi image

Preconfigured image for Raspberry Pi with installed and configured software, ready to fly, is available in the Releases section.

Build Status GitHub all releases

Image features:

  • Raspbian Buster
  • ROS Melodic
  • Configured networking
  • OpenCV
  • mavros
  • Periphery drivers for ROS (GPIO, LED strip, etc)
  • aruco_pose package for marker-assisted navigation
  • clover package for autonomous drone control

API description for autonomous flights is available on GitBook.

For manual package installation and running see clover package documentation.


While the Clover platform source code is available under the MIT License, note, that the documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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