Add A New Repository for Indexing

1. Create your own copy of rosdistro on GitHub:

First you need a copy (usually called a fork) of the official rosdistro index, where you can add additional details for your repository. Note that this requires a GitHub account (registration is free). Select one of the buttons below to either create a new fork (left) or designate that you already have a fork (right).

2. Enter the namespace of your fork:

Enter the namespace where your fork of the rosdistro repository can be found. This is normally your GitHub username, unless you created your fork in another organization.

3. Make sure your fork of rosdistro is up to date:

If you didn't just create your fork, there might be more recent additions in the official version of rosdistro. This will load a page which will show you all of those differences, and will allow you to synchronize your fork with the official repo.

4. Generate the YAML markup describing your repository

Fill out the fields below to generate the markup which you will add to rosdistro to get your repository indexed.

This is the unique identifier for your repository. It should be lower-case and words should be separated with underscores.
This is the ROS distribution on which the code in your repository runs.
This is the maintainance status of the repository. This tells others how much support there is behind this code.

This is the Version Control System (VCS) used to manage your repository.
This is the publically-accessible checkout or clone URI used to access your repository. This should be an http or https URI.
This is the version identifier for the version of the repository you want to have indexed. It can be a branch or tag name for Git or Mercurial, or a revision number for SVN.

Add a brief description of what resources this repository contains, what the code may be used for, or what applications it supports. This will not go into the index, but it will be sent along with the addition request.

Repository YAML Description

5. Add the above YAML markup to the distribution file in your fork of rosdistro:

This will open the appropriate file in your fork of the rosdistro index. It needs to be added so that it comes in order alphabetically. Once you have added the above YAML markup, commit the changes with the button at the bottom of the page. This will only modify your copy of the index.

6. Create a new pull request to add your repository:

Finally, create a "pull request" which notifies the rosdistro maintainers that you've proposed some additions to the index. Feel free to add any additional comments to the pull request.

7. Monitor pull request for approval.

Your repository will appear on rosindex at most one day after the acceptance of the pull request.