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Version 0.1.5
License GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
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Last Updated 2019-07-08

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Topic tools for treating messages as variant types.

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  • Ralf Kaestner
  • Samuel Bachmann


  • Ralf Kaestner
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Changelog for package variant_topic_tools

0.1.5 (2018-11-23)

  • fix cmake
  • Contributors: Samuel Bachmann

0.1.4 (2018-11-21)

  • fix build issue in ROS Melodic (cannot convert boost::shared_ptr to bool)
  • Fix for package and topic names containing zeros
  • Contributors: Fabian H, Samuel Bachmann, Zezao Lu

0.1.3 (2016-05-20)

  • add executables to install
  • add install commands
  • Contributors: Samuel Bachmann

0.1.2 (2016-05-19)

  • update readme with build status
  • remove cmake_modules dependency
  • Contributors: Samuel Bachmann

0.1.1 (2016-05-12)

  • Fixes related to OS X clang compatibility
  • Fixed some issues of subscriber
  • Fixed bug in MessageDefinition::setMessageType() which was caused by a wrong order of defining the required message types of a message type
  • Added message data type member access by name
    • Added type name resolution for member definitions neglecting package names
    • Added receipt time to variant subscriber callback
    • Code cleanups
    • Added variant publisher and subscriber
    • Added MD5 sum calculation for variant message types
    • Updated README
  • Added convenience serialization methods to message class

  • Added method for serializer creation to variants

  • Basic serializer testing

  • Added numeric value access for built-in types

  • Message variant tests successful

  • Message data type now separates constant and variable members

  • Reverted templated variant value to represent actual value type

  • Refined traits, code cleanups

  • Removed SharedVariant and friend-relationship between Variant and CollectionVariant

  • Renamed some classes, code cleanups

    • Created test package
    • Moved test binaries to test package
  • Contributors: Ralf Kaestner

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