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Package Description

This package provides ros nodes for multi-sensor arrays from Terabee

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  • Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian
  • Krzysztof Zurad
  • Baptiste Potier


  • Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian
  • Krzysztof Zurad
  • Mateusz Sadowski
  • Baptiste Potier

ROS package for TeraRanger array solutions by Terabee

Build Status

This package is a collection of nodes for TeraRanger array solutions: * TeraRanger Tower Evo * TeraRanger Hub Evo * TeraRanger Tower * TeraRanger Multiflex * TeraRanger Hub

Building and running the package from source

To clone and build the package in your workspace follow these steps:

  • If you have ssh key setup for your github account:
cd ~/ros_ws/src
git clone git@github.com:Terabee/teraranger_array.git
cd ~/ros_ws
source devel/setup.bash

  • If you prefer to use https use this set of commands:
cd ~/ros_ws/src
git clone https://github.com/Terabee/teraranger_array.git
cd ~/ros_ws
source devel/setup.bash


This package depends on this serial library. To get it, execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install ros-<your_distro>-serial

where is your ROS distribution (e.g. kinetic, lunar, indigo).

If it's not available for your distribution, clone https://github.com/wjwwood/serial into your workspace, then build and source your workspace.

Running TeraRanger Hub Evo & Tower Evo

TeraRanger Hub Evo/Tower Evo uses TeraRanger Evo 60m, TeraRanger Evo 40m, TeraRanger Evo 15m, TeraRanger Evo 600Hz or TeraRanger Evo 3m sensors for the distance measurements. To use them please run teraranger_evo node.

After your workspace is built and sourced: If you are using USB:

rosrun teraranger_array teraranger_evo _portname:=/dev/ttyACM0

If you are using UART Daughterboard:

rosrun teraranger_array teraranger_evo _portname:=/dev/ttyACM0 _baudrate:=921600

Running TeraRanger Tower & TeraRanger Hub

TeraRanger Tower and TeraRanger Hub uses TeraRanger One sensors for the distance measurements. To use them please run teraranger_one node.

After your workspace is built and sourced:

rosrun teraranger_array teraranger_one _portname:=/dev/ttyACM0

Running TeraRanger Multiflex

To use TeraRanger Multiflex please run teraranger_multiflex node.

After your workspace is built and sourced:

rosrun teraranger_array teraranger_multiflex _portname:=/dev/ttyACM0

Changing Sensor Configuration

You can change the operating mode of the sensors by running rqt_reconfigure:

rosrun rqt_reconfigure rqt_reconfigure

IMPORTANT: Please notice that for the Hub Evo you are able to set the sensor type of each sensor (Evo 60m, Evo 40m, Evo 15m, Evo 600Hz, Evo 3m or Evo Mini) with a dynamic_reconfigure for each port

By default sensors are set to Evo 60m type.

Product pictures and where to get the sensors

Teraranger Tower Evo

Product page
Specification sheet

TeraRanger Hub Evo

Product page
Specification sheet

TeraRanger Tower

Product page
Specification sheet

TeraRanger Multiflex

Product page
Specification sheet

Changelog for package teraranger_array

2.0.0 (2019-05-03)

  • Update package description
  • Merge pull request #60 from FRC900/remove_lib_from_cmake Removed teraranger_array library from catkin_package LIBRARIES
  • Merge remote-tracking branch \'origin/master\' into remove_lib_from_cmake
  • Merge pull request #59 from FRC900/cpp_msg_header Move header to start of RangeArray.msg
  • Add travis config
  • Removed teraranger_array library from catkin_package LIBRARIES This file isn\'t built, so packages referencing teraranger_array fail when searching for the non-existent library
  • Move header to start of RangeArray.msg The cpp tools require the header to be the first entry in the message for ros::message_traits to recognize that the message in fact has a header.
  • Update links in Readme
  • Contributors: Kevin Jaget, Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian

1.3.4 (2018-10-08)

  • Update maintainer list
  • Fix reconfigure infos
  • Make sure processAck always returns something
  • Mention dependency on serial package in readme
  • Avoid narrowing cast in switch case
  • Contributors: Morten Fyhn Amundsen, Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian

1.3.3 (2018-09-07)

  • Update Readme for Evo 3m
  • Add Evo 3m type to the list of available Evo\'s
  • Contributors: BaptistePotier, Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian

1.3.2 (2018-07-25)

  • Update Readme for Tower Evo
  • Set default rate to ASAP
  • Add 500 et 600 Hz mode
  • Add specific firing mode for TeraRanger Tower Evo
  • Contributors: Baptiste Potier, Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian

1.3.1 (2018-05-22)

  • Change default modes
  • Re-add line removed by mistake
  • Correct typo in example launch files
  • Contributors: Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian

1.3.0 (2018-04-13)

  • Add example launch files
  • Update for evo 600hz
  • Close serial port on shutdown
  • Move input flush
  • Fix/default modes
  • Make separate function for each reconfigure parameter
  • Initilalize all modes at first dynamic reconfigure call
  • Remove min and max clipping for One and Evo
  • Contributors: Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian, Baptiste Potier

1.2.3 (2017-12-08)

  • Correct linear acceleration conversion factor to a more accurate one
  • Contributors: Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian

1.2.2 (2017-12-07)

  • Reduce queue sizes to 1
  • Add separate topic for euler imu data
  • Contributors: Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian

1.2.1 (2017-12-06)

  • Correct wrong euler factor
  • Contributors: Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian

1.2.0 (2017-12-05)

  • Clean dynamic reconfigure .cfg files
  • Remove unsupported modes
  • Add node namespace to every log message
  • Remove old debug messages
  • Add ack check when sending commands
  • Correct rate commands
  • Set defaults modes in both dynamic reconfigure and driver init
  • Disable custom firing mode
  • Remove unnecessary rates
  • Contributors: Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian

1.1.0 (2017-11-17)

  • Change license to MIT
  • Update link
  • Contributors: Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian, Baptiste Potier

1.0.1 (2017-09-20)

  • Update package.xml
  • Contributors: Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian

1.0.0 (2017-09-18)

  • Use ros-serial and remove old serial files
  • Standardize topic names
  • Use REP 117
  • Use RangeArray message, append namespace to frame_id
  • Send disable cmd when driver exits
  • Refactor trone and multiflex drivers
  • Initial commit
  • Contributors: Pierre-Louis Kabaradjian, Krzysztof Zurad, Mateusz Sadowski, Baptiste Potier

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