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Package Description

This package contains classes and messages to interact with laser related geometry. Useful to use with LaserScan.

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  • Alberto Tudela


  • Alberto Tudela


ROS License Compiling Test


ROS package that contains classes and messages to interact with laser related geometry and functions to convert them to ROS standard. Useful to use with LaserScan. Contains three classes:

  • Point2D

    Faster point class based on PCL but with unnecesary 3D functions.

  • Segment2D

    Extension of class Point to handle segments.

  • Polygon

    Struct that defines a polygon and functions related.

And three custom messages: * Segment

Message based on the class mention before.
  • SegmentStamped

    Segment message with header.

  • SegmentArray

    An array of Segment message with header.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Changelog for package simple_laser_geometry ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

3.2.0 (10-01-2022)

  • Added ability to create NaN point.

3.1.0 (16-12-2021)

  • Added string enums.

3.0.0 (15-12-2021)

  • Using slg namespace for Point2D, Segment2D and polygon.

2.1.0 (15-12-2021)

  • Adding conversion for polygon to geometry_msgs.

2.0.0 (13-12-2021)

  • Rename internal message field to comply with ROS standard.

1.1.0 (13-12-2021)

  • Adding conversion for Point2D to geometry_msgs.

1.0.3 (21-07-2021)

  • Now using slg namespace.

1.0.2 (19-07-2021)

  • Added segment2D to PCL conversion.

1.0.0 (16-07-2021)

  • Initial release.
  • Create
  • Create CHANGELOG.rst.
  • Create LICENSE.
  • Added Point2D, Segment2D and Polygon classes.
  • Added Segment.msg, SegmentStamped.msg and SegmentArray.msg messages.
  • Added conversions (.h and .cpp files).
  • Contributors: Alberto Tudela

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