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  • Henning Kayser


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MoveIt 2 Logo

MoveIt 2 Beta - Demo Setup

The run_moveit_cpp package provides a simulated robot setup that shows how to get started with MoveIt 2. The demo includes examples for:

  • Configuring and loading MoveIt using MoveItCpp
  • Launching a simulated ros2_control driver
  • Visualizing robot and planning scene in RViz
  • Planning and execution of robot trajectories

Overall, the MoveIt 2 Beta Demo provides all necessary features in order to get a simple robot setup running with ROS 2.


Before running the demo, there are additional dependencies that need to be installed:

For that, simply import run_moveit_cpp.repos into your workspace and recompile with colcon (assuming the workspace has been compiled and sourced following the installation instructions):

cd $COLCON_WS/src
vcs import < moveit2/moveit_demo_nodes/run_moveit_cpp/run_moveit_cpp.repos
rosdep install --from-paths . --ignore-src --rosdistro eloquent
cd ..
colcon build --event-handlers desktop_notification- status- --cmake-args -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
source install/setup.bash

Running the Demo

Now, the demo can be started using the launch file

 ros2 launch run_moveit_cpp

The launch file should open the RViz GUI showing the Panda robot in extended position. The demo starts by computing a simple motion plan which is being visualized via a transparent RobotState display. This step alone involves a big range of components, like IK, collision checks, planning scene, robot model, OMPL planning plugin and planner adapters. Right after, the trajectory is being executed on a simulated controller (fake_joint) using the ros2_control hardware interface. As of now, ros2_control doesn't support action server interfaces similar to ROS 1, yet. We are using the available message topic to publish the plan solution to the trajectory controller for execution. Executing trajectories on real hardware either requires implementing a ros2_control interface for the driver or forwarding the trajectories to a ROS 1 message adapter using ros1_bridge.


Changelog for package run_moveit_cpp

2.0.0 (2020-02-17)

  • [fix] Fix run_moveit_cpp version
  • [fix] ROS2 demo: Fix comment for static TF
  • [fix] ROS2 demo: Scope locked planning scene
  • [improve] Add collision object to the demo
  • [fix] Fix setup instructions for ROS2 demo
  • [improve] Add start positions config files
  • [doc] Add for [run_moveit_cpp]{.title-ref}
  • [improve] ROS2 demo: Improve plan visualization
  • [improve] Add .repos with demo runtime dependencies
  • [improve] Add trajectory publisher
  • [improve] Add fake joint driver node with config files
  • [improve] Edit Rviz config file
  • [improve] ROS2 demo: Add RViz config file
  • [improve] ROS2 demo: Async execution and plan visualization
  • [improve] ROS2 demo: Launch RViz
  • [improve] Add demo package run_moveit_cpp
  • Contributors: Henning Kayser, Jafar Abdi

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