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A test for desktop Ubuntu files

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  • Victor Lamoine


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This repository contains a Robot Operating System package to test ROS desktop launcher files.

How to test

  • Create a catkin work-space
  • Clone this repository
git clone

  • Install the work-space (catkin_make or catkin tools)
catkin_make install
catkin config --install && catkin build

You will notice that some files are installed in $HOME/.local/share/applications/. Use gtk-launch green_robot.desktop and gtk-launch red_robot.desktop to launch the applications.

The dash usually takes a little bit of time (try logging-out/logging-in again) to update the available applications so it may not appear directly after install.

How it works

.desktop and .png files are installed in $HOME/.local/share/applications/, these files are parsed by Ubuntu and create applications.

The image file is the icon of the application displayed in the dash.

These files are automatically installed via CMake when install is required.

Here are the steps in the CMake script: - Make sure the $HOME/.local/share/applications/ exists (create it if necessary) - Configure the files in the applications directory: CMake variables like ${PROJECT_NAME} are replaced by CMake and the file is created in the target directory - Copy application icon file - Install ROS config, launch, urdf files: INSTALL(DIRECTORY) is recursive and preserves directory structure. You may want to copy additionnal directories (eg: meshes) depending on your package.


You cannot run two ROS applications because the first one kills the second one and that leads to problems because the ROS core is sometimes not killed.

You should wait a few seconds for the application to shut-down before launching an other ROS desktop file.


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