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Package Description

This package contains testing utilities used by Pilz packages.

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  • Alexander Gutenkunst
  • Christian Henkel
  • Hagen Slusarek
  • Immanuel Martini


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This package provides tools for performing googletests with asynchronous callbacks. For example, it can be used in tests including a ros::Subscriber or actionlib::SimpleActionClient with callbacks.

See the Code API for a technical description including a simple usage example.


Changelog for package pilz_testutils

0.4.12 (2020-03-24)

  • integrate clang-tidy via CMake flag
  • Contributors: Pilz GmbH and Co. KG

0.4.11 (2019-09-11)

0.4.10 (2019-09-03)

0.4.9 (2019-06-19)

0.4.8 (2019-04-24)

  • Make docu compabtible with both kinetic and melodic
  • Contributors: Pilz GmbH and Co. KG

0.4.7 (2019-02-15)

  • drop outdated can configuration
  • Contributors: Pilz GmbH and Co. KG

0.4.6 (2019-01-18)

0.4.5 (2019-01-16)

  • Fix missing <build_depend>

0.4.4 (2019-01-16)

  • Provide class AsyncTest for tests with asynchronous events
  • Contributors: Pilz GmbH and Co. KG

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