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Version 0.0.4
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Last Updated 2019-02-26
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Package Description

The melfa_driver package

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  • Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai (TORK) Developer Team


  • Ryosuke Tajima
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Changelog for package melfa_driver

0.0.2 (2018-12-16)

  • Add LICENSE and notification on source code(#18)
  • Contributors: Ryosuke Tajima

0.0.4 (2019-02-26)

* Fix wrong install location(#25)

: - Reserve test permissions

  • Fix minor typo(#20)
  • Contributors: Ryosuke Tajima, Wolf Vollprecht

0.0.1 (2018-12-14)

  • Remove for eliminating catkin_lint warning
  • Add jointx_is_linear parameter for the linear base(#17)
  • rename melfa_ros to melfa_robot
  • Add additional joints(#13)

* Add use_joint7 and use_joint8 parameters

: - Remove dummy joints from rv7fl.urdf.xacro

  • Pull request for the first delivery(#5)
  • Change author email
  • Expand joint number to 8 only for acutal robot check
  • Add realtime feature and docs(#3)
  • Improve driver and loopback node, add diagnostics
    • Make loopback node periodic considering the hardware specs
    • Add diagnotics to see period over-run
  • Disable realtime in tests
  • Make loopback node realtime
  • Add realtime feature and docs
  • Change test to wait topic for 30s
  • Add more dependencies
  • Check node list before test
  • Add package dependencies
  • Add .travis.yml for CI
  • Add moveit configuration files(#2)
    • Confirmed to work with RT-ToolBox
  • Add URDF and mesh files(#1)
  • Change driver to use melfa_description
  • Add ROS_INFO for robot_ip
  • Improve UDP error handling not to abort
  • Add first test
  • Fix integer size incompatibility of the packet
  • Add melfa_loopbacknode for test
  • First commit
    • Proof of function
    • This can control RT-Toolbox3 simulator
    • All parameters are hard-coded
  • Contributors: Ryosuke Tajima

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Launch files

  • launch/melfa_driver.launch
      • debug [default: false]
      • launch_rviz [default: false]
      • loopback [default: false]
      • robot_ip [default:]
      • realtime [default: false]
      • period [default: 0.0071]


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