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Version 0.0.5
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USB Video Class driver library

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  • Ken Tossell


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libuvc is a cross-platform library for USB video devices, built atop libusb. It enables fine-grained control over USB video devices exporting the standard USB Video Class (UVC) interface, enabling developers to write drivers for previously unsupported devices, or just access UVC devices in a generic fashion.

Getting and Building libuvc

Prerequisites: You will need libusb and CMake installed.

To build, you can just run these shell commands:

git clone
cd libuvc
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make && sudo make install

and you're set! If you want to change the build configuration, you can edit CMakeCache.txt in the build directory, or use a CMake GUI to make the desired changes.

Developing with libuvc

The documentation for libuvc can currently be found at

Happy hacking!

Changes in 0.0.5 (2014-07-19)

New features:
 - Added support for all of the camera terminal and processing unit controls, including the controls
   that appeared in UVC 1.1 and 1.5.
 - Added LIBUVC_VERSION_GTE(major, minor, patch) macro.

Bug fixes:
 - Switching to explicit kernel driver detachment since auto_detach isn't available in libusb < 1.0.16.
 - The cmake module now looks for libuvc.dylib instead of on OS X.

Changes in 0.0.4 (2014-06-26)

New features:
 - Support devices with multiple streaming interfaces and multiple concurrent streams.
   A new uvc_stream* API is added, along with a uvc_stream_handle type to encapsulate the
   state of a single UVC stream. Multiple streams can run alongside each other, provided
   your USB connection has enough bandwidth. Streams can be individually stopped and
   resumed; the old uvc_start/stop_streaming API is still provided as a convenient way
   to interact with the usual one-stream devices.
 - Added support for MJPEG streams.
 - Added functions for checking/setting autofocus mode.
 - Added an interface to set/get arbitrary controls on units and terminals.
 - Made the input, output, processing and extension units public.
 - Implemented uvc_get_device and uvc_get_libusb_handle.
 - Add a library-owned flag to uvc_frame_t so that users may allocate their own frame buffers.

Bug fixes:
 - Send frames as soon as they're received, not when the following frame arrives
 - Fixed call to NULL when no status callback is provided.
 - Fixed crash that occurred during shutdown if the USB device was disconnected during streaming.

Miscellaneous improvements:
 - Hid the transfer method (isochronous vs bulk) from the user. This was never really
   selectable; the camera's streaming interface supports either bulk or isochronous
   transfers, so now libuvc will figure out which one is appropriate. The `isochronous`
   parameter has been converted to a `flags` parameter, which is currently unused but
   could be used to convey up to 7 bits of stream mode information in the future.
 - Improved the method for claiming the camera's interfaces.
 - Renamed UVC_COLOR_FORMAT_* to UVC_FRAME_FORMAT_*. The old #defines are still available.
 - Simplified format definition and lookup.
 - Improved transfer status (error) handling.

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