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Version 0.1.0
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Last Updated 2022-05-26
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Package Description

Neural Network model for line track following Example for Leo Rover.

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  • Fictionlab


  • Aleksander SzymaƄski
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Changelog for package leo_example_line_follower

0.1.0 (2022-05-26)

  • Line follower example (#1)
    • initial commit for line follower package
    • package.xml: remove redundant dependencies
    • replaced use od ros parameters with command line arguments and python argparse
    • added info on node\'s exit and fixed path for file with labels
    • Added info logs for creating files and directories
    • starting time counting with the first message from cmd_vel topic, fixed saved img filename, closing label file on shutdown
    • added saving images and labels
    • added ignoring images with label (0.0, 0.0)
    • added - script for autonomous following the line with rover
    • added directory with first models, needed for script
    • models: added model trained on color masks, with two lines track
    • color_mask: added script with ros node for chosing hsv bounds for color mask
    • color_mask: added cfg directory with yaml files with example hsv_bounds and dynamic_reconfigure config file
    • color_mask: changed package.xml and CMakeLists.txt for use of dynamic_reconfigure
    • fixed typos and formatted code with black
    • data_saver: removed unused arguments from launch file
    • color mask: added launch file for the color_mask_finder node
    • added use of ros parameters for hsv color bounds
    • line follower: added launch file for the line follower node
    • moved yaml files to config directory
    • fixed typos, and added descriptions to ros args
    • removed redundant files
    • switched param names to private namespace
    • added model trained on more accurate color masks
    • CMakeLists.txt: fixed catkin_lint errors
    • package.xml: updated package description
    • implemented code review guidlines (about python buildins and instance method)
    • implemented guidlines from code review
    • scripts: implemented guidlines from code review
    • config: added yaml files with color mask values for blue and red colors
    • color_mask.launch: changed default value of \'file\' arg
    • package.xml: fixed typo
    • implemented guidelines from code review
    • scripts: added script for processing saved data into ready dataset for keras model
    • fixed os.join bugs
    • added base path if output directory is given as relative path
    • added use of ptahlib home function instead of hardcoding home directory path
    • made the script executable with rosrun
    • gave the script execution rights with chmod + x
    • removing parent directories when train and validation dirs are nested paths
    • switched moving and removing files to just copying
    • added creating of zip file from processed data, and clearing the working directory from zipped files
    • added printing info about zipping files
    • line_follower.launch: fixed ros find package syntax error
    • changed argument names to one pattern
    • added checking if the zipfile name ends with \'.zip\'
    • formated the code using black
    • added notebook to repository
    • CMakeLists.txt: added script to catkin_install_python section
    • implemented code review guidlines
    • line_follower.launch: updated arg name in rosparam
  • Contributors: Aleksander Szyma

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Launch files

  • launch/color_mask.launch
      • file [default: $(find leo_example_line_follower)/config/blue.yaml] — path to yaml file, with starting values for color mask
  • launch/record_data.launch
      • duration [default: 20.0] — how long will the data be recorded
      • output_dir [default: data] — name of the directory for recorded data
      • video_topic [default: camera/image_raw] — name of the topic with Image messages
      • vel_topic [default: cmd_vel] — name of the topic with Twist messages
  • launch/line_follower.launch
      • color_mask_file [default: $(find leo_example_line_follower)/config/blue.yaml] — path to yaml file with color mask values
      • pub_mask [default: false] — flag specifying whether or not publish the color mask
      • camera [default: camera/image_raw] — name of topic with Image messages
      • vel [default: cmd_vel] — name of topic to which node will publish Twist messages
      • model [default: $(find leo_example_line_follower)/models/color_mask_model.tflite] — path to neural network model


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