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Python bindings for lanelet2

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  • Fabian Poggenhans


  • Fabian Poggenhans

Lanelet2 python

Provides python bindings for Lanelet2 and its modules.


After building and sourcing you can do something like the follwoing in python(2):

import lanelet2
map ="myfile.osm",,8.4))

# Modify/Add attribute to all lanelets
for elem in map.laneletLayer:
    if "participant:vehicle" in elem.attributes:
        elem.attributes["participant:vehicle"] = "no"

For more usage examples refer to our example package.


Changelog for package lanelet2_python

1.0.1 (2020-03-24)

  • Fix python bindings for lanelet submap
  • lanelet2_python: Register constructor for SpeedLimits
  • Register more geometry functions (#96, #97)
  • Register Lanelet::resetCache in python
  • Make sure lanelet2 buildtool_export_depends on mrt_cmake_modules
  • Contributors: Fabian Poggenhans

1.0.0 (2020-03-03)

  • Bump version to 1.0
  • Apply clang-tidy fixes
  • lanelet2_python: move converter header to internal include dir
  • added equals for points
  • Python: Fix registration of LaneletMap::add(Point3d)
  • lanelet2_python: Fix wrongly registered RoutingCostDistance
  • Fix default values for lane changes in RoutingGraph
  • RoutingGraph and Route now use the new LaneletSubmap to store the lanelets they are using
  • Add a new class \'LaneletSubmap\' that only contains parts of the map and is faster to construct
  • Routing graph and route object now support queries with a custom search function
  • Extended and simplified the reachablePath/Set functions
  • Refactored the internal representation of the route. Cleaned up headers that are only supposed to be used internally
  • Offer reverse routing (possibleRoutesTowards), bindings, unittests
  • Refactor FilteredGraphs and RelationTypes to use bitmasks
  • Improve the distance2d and distance3d to support generic distance computations
  • Initial commit
  • Contributors: Fabian Poggenhans, Johannes Janosovits, Maximilian Naumann

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