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Parser/Writer module for lanelet2

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  • Fabian Poggenhans


  • Fabian Poggenhans

Lanelet2 IO

IO Module for parsing and writing LaneletMaps.

It contains a various reader/writer functions for different formats. Which format will be used is determined the extension of the given filename. If a writer/parser is registered for this extension, it will be chosen automatically.

Currently available IO modules are: - OSM (.osm) writes/loads specialized lanelet maps from OpenStreetMap html files. See maps module for a primer on this. - Binary (.bin) writes/loads the map to/from an internal bin format. Very efficient for writing and reading but not human readable


Most IO modules require a projection from WGS84 (lat/lon) to a local metric coordinate system. To make sure the loaded map is correct in itself it is very important to choose the correct origin and the correct projector.

The origin should be as close to where the map is as possible.

For an overview on projections, have a look at the projection module.


Here is an example of how to read a file from .osm and write it back out as .bin:

#include <lanelet2_io/io.h>

std::string filename_in = "mymap.osm";
lanelet::Origin origin(49.0, 8.4);
lanelet::LaneletMapPtr laneletMap = lanelet::load(filenameIn, origin);

std::string filename_out = "mymap.bin";
lanelet::write(filenameOut, *laneletMap);


Changelog for package lanelet2_io

1.0.1 (2020-03-24)

  • Make sure lanelet2 buildtool_export_depends on mrt_cmake_modules
  • Add changelogs
  • Improve warning if wrong decimal symbol is set, also report it when loading
  • Contributors: Fabian Poggenhans

1.0.0 (2020-03-03)

  • Bump version to 1.0
  • Add a new class \'LaneletSubmap\' that only contains parts of the map and is faster to construct
  • IO: Implement warning for cases where the decimal point is overridden by a different locale resolves MRT/released/lanelet2#91
  • Fix loading of polygons that have been written without an area tag resolves MRT/released/lanelet2#113
  • Refactored osm parser so that parsed roles in relations keep their positions
  • Improve c++17 support, supress warnings and clang-tidy 7 issues
  • IO now complains when loading georeferenced maps with a default origin (resolves #71)
  • Initial commit
  • Contributors: Fabian Poggenhans, Maximilian Naumann

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