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Version 1.3.2
License BSD
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Package Description

The metapackage to combine the nodes required to establish and manage a multimaster network. This requires no or minimal configuration. The changes are automatically detected and synchronized.

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  • Alexander Tiderko


  • Alexander Tiderko
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Changelog for package fkie_multimaster

1.3.2 (2022-07-17)

  • fkie_multimaster_msgs: fix for installing generated grpc files when building Debian package
  • Contributors: Alexander Tiderko

1.3.1 (2022-07-15)

  • fkie_multimaster_msgs: fix python3 dependency
  • Contributors: Alexander Tiderko

1.3.0 (2022-07-15)

  • fkie_node_manager_damoen: fix clear_param for group These parameter are now deleted on restart nodes with reload global parameter
  • fkie_node_manager_daemon: fix find package binaries
  • fkie_node_manager_daemon: use threads for each sensor instead of timer
  • fkie_node_manager_daemon: set GRPC_ENABLE_FORK_SUPPORT=0 by default
  • fkie_node_manager_daemon: added parameter to set grpc poll strategy and verbosity
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed deselect nodes while start nodes on other host
  • fkie_node_manager: show kill button for nodes without valid PID, too
  • fkie_node_manager: editor: do not close editor on ESC
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed bug with changed master selection after reload launch files
  • fkie_node_manager: added output for detected ROS Master URI
  • fkie_node_manager: fix restart system nodes after set time and answer \'no\'
  • fkie_node_manager: fix restart system nodes after set time and answer \'no\'
  • fkie_node_manager: fix restart system nodes after set time
  • Use more conservative terminal emulator parameters This should make the x-terminal-emulator call more compatible with different types of terminals
  • fkie_node_manager: remove binaries in src path if multiple executables are found
  • fkie_multimaster_fkie: added python3 dependencies
  • fkie_node_manager: filter binaries from src directory if more then one executable found
  • fkie_node_manager: use find_resource insteadof find_node to get executable nodes
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed remote start using reduced_nm module
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed a bug while comment/uncomment of last line added Switch comment to context menu
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed save gui setting on exit if stop master was selected
  • fkie_node_manager: restart system nodes after set time
  • fkie_node_manager: added option \'start daemon\' to start dialog
  • fkie_node_manager: fix for visualization of nodes with and without capability groups
  • fkie_node_manager: retain selected node after reload a configuration
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed missed text in editor after reload changed launch file
  • fkie_node_manager: requests for name resolution
  • fkie_node_manager: changed exception handling in name resolution
  • check for pid before execute
  • fkie_node_manager: fix kill on stop every node
  • fkie_node_manager: go to search result on item selection
  • fkie_node_manager: fix error on stop nodes
  • fkie_node_manager: force kill if kill_on_stop is defined
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed not compatible python2 code
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed error in noetic, see issue #160
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed view of synced nodes
  • fkie_node_manager: added links for roslog and screen log in the node description
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed stop all nodes on exit removed warning about connection refused after shutdown call on the XMLRPC API of the node
  • fkie_node_manager: echo dialog: added message file checkbox for quick access
  • fkie_node_manager: changed requests for diagnostic messages to avoid multiple messages if sync is enabled
  • fkie_node_manager: fix for visualization in environments with ROS_IP
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed crash on daemon exception
  • fkie_node_manager: added throttle daemon error output
  • fkie_node_manager: added info to a host if no quality is available
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed threaded call to get remote user
  • fkie_node_manager: do not block on username request
  • fkie_node_manager: add nodes to view with not reachable nodeuri
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed resize of control buttons
  • fkie_node_manager: changed terminal detection
  • fkie_node_manager: fix remote log view
  • fkie_node_manager: increased the update rate for analysis of diagnostic messages
  • fkie_node_manager: set text selectable in parameter dialog
  • fkie_node_manager: renamed parameter Open screen on activate -> Use internal log widget
  • fkie_node_manager: changed question behaviour on changed binaries
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed \'Open screen on activate\' option
  • fkie_node_manager: open log file in new terminal or dock widget depending on new parameter new parameter: Open screen on activate
  • added \'Open screen on activate\' parameter
  • fkie_node_manager: stop/restart only filtered nodes
  • fkie_node_manager: changed state visualization of running nodes
  • fkie_node_manager: resize control buttons
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed propagation of node states to parent groups
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed visualization of remote nodes connected to local master using ROS_MASTER_URI
  • fkie_node_manager: reduce control buttons on size change
  • fkie_node_manager: fixed crash after change of configuration
  • added detection if master and daemon a launched with different user
  • changed handling of the diagnostics level in group view
  • fixed remote start of roscore
  • added label for host name in launch widget
  • added host highlighting in launch editor
  • deselect all log level after change
  • sort logger level
  • fixed change all loglevel
  • fkie_node_manager: update logger before they are available
  • fixed param sync
  • fkie_master_sync: convert diagnostic value to string
  • fkie_master_sync: fix value error while prepare diagnostic report
  • fkie_master_sync: fixed debug output
  • fkie_master_sync: improved warnings for unsupported or wrong md5sum message types
  • fkie_master_sync: added names and topics of multimaster nodes to default ignore lists
  • fkie_master_sync: do not update publisher node if it is in filter lister
  • fkie_master_sync: added master_sync and master_discovery
  • fkie_master_sync: added diagnostics and master_sync topics to default ignore list
  • fkie_master_discovery: do not send requests if listen_mcast is disabled
  • fkie_master_discovery: shutdown node if time jump into past detected this cause whole system instability
  • fkie_master_discovery: send init requests in mixed scenario Network has hosts with different heartbeat hz
  • added support for request user name of running master_discovery and daemon
  • wait until RCP port is free to avoid shutdown because of \"new node registered with same name\"
  • Contributors: Alexander Tiderko, Timo R

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