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Package Description

This packages provides the controller configuration for simulating Care-O-bot in the gazebo simulator.

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  • Florian Weisshardt
  • Felix Messmer


  • Florian Weisshardt
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Changelog for package cob_controller_configuration_gazebo

0.5.3 (2014-03-28)

0.5.2 (2014-03-27)

0.5.1 (2014-03-20)

  • Merge pull request #155 from ipa-nhg/hydro_dev install tags
  • install tags
  • fix for catkin_make_isolated
  • merge
  • missing dependencies
  • merge with groovy_dev
  • setup tests
  • fix desire dual sdh
  • add tray sensors to simulation
  • fix simulated cam3d topics
  • fix rviz soft links
  • fix diagnostics in simulation
  • restructuring joint_state_controller and simulated tray_sensors
  • Merge pull request #12 from ipa-fxm/groovy_dev bring groovy updates to hydro
  • added default value for arg robot for ros launch file checks
  • fixed typo
  • fixes while testing in simulation
  • fix inclusion of joint_state_controller
  • New structure
  • merge with groovy_dev_cob4 + use hydro configurations for controller
  • some more fixes due to restructuring
  • update CMakeLists
  • added fake topics for diagnostics
  • removed obsolete file
  • create a generic gazebo controller
  • Tested on simulation
  • New cob_controller_configuration_gazebo structure
  • Added arm configuration for cob4
  • gazebo controllers for cob4
  • New structure cob repositories (cob_controller_configuration_gazebo)
  • cob4 integration
  • removed a lot of code related to packages not available in hydro anymore
  • optimize torso controller
  • better values for head_controller
  • restructure and optimize gazebo controllers
  • updating cob_controller_configuration_gazebo
  • cleaning up
  • bring in groovy updates
  • merge with ipa320-groovy_dev
  • changes for simulation
  • launch file for lbr_solo
  • gazebo controllers for cob3-7
  • no more dependency to pr2_controller_manager
  • update cob3-7
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into review320_catkin
  • modifications for new controller stucture, this is not working yet
  • Installation stuff
  • extend tests to cob3-7, raw3-5 and raw3-6
  • Merged with now rostest catkin looping, which Florian put upstream
  • fix launch tests
  • add roslaunch tests
  • use default robot arg
  • separate sim launch files and enable diagnostics for sim
  • Initial catkinization.
  • readded prace gripper_controllers to launch file
  • fixed faulty launch file argument \'sim\'
  • added launch for prace gripper controller
  • removed gripper controller
  • added new robot raw3-6
  • Fixed simulation error for raw3-1
  • added raw3-5
  • added raw3-1 torso_controller configuration and launch files for gazebo simulation
  • changed raw3-3 description and configs for abb frida
  • Revert \"removed old packages\" This reverts commit 23901cb1317a8ae8d477d22ad80f8efd986d9eae.
  • removed old packages
  • add scan filter for hokuyo
  • merge
  • add tests for raw3-3 and raw3-4
  • reorderd simulated sdh joints to match order on real robot
  • fix gazebo controllers
  • fixed trajectory controller for simulated cob3-6
  • Urdf and parameter files for tray_powerball
  • merge with ipa320
  • fix launch arg handling
  • substitute env ROBOT with arg robot
  • add cob3-5 arm_controller
  • add tests for cob3-5
  • added pkg_hardware_config, pkg_robot_config and pkg_env_config args to launch files in cob_robots
  • introducing raw3-3 with frida_arm
  • add light by default
  • added simulated tray sensors to simulation
  • New sdh contoller parameters for desire gazebo model
  • Desire configuration parameters
  • move sound and collision observer
  • add controllers for cob3-6
  • add tests for cob3-6
  • changed controller to support new follow joint trajectors action
  • add raw3-2 test
  • use relayboard_sim from cob_bringup
  • cleanup manifest
  • modifications for upstream ur5_description
  • move launch and config files to cob_robots
  • small tuning for gazebo
  • modified joint names of controller configuration
  • urdf structure change: tray can be calibrated now
  • add some configuration for cob3-1
  • moved simulated tactile sensors to schunk repository
  • renamed icob to raw and merged and cleaned up lots of things
  • preserve history for cob_controller_config_gazebot
  • Contributors: Alexander Bubeck, Daniel M

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