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ROS 2 Roadmap

For more information on the design of ROS 2 please see design.ros2.org. The core code for ROS 2 is on the ros2 github organization. The Discourse forum/mailing list for discussing ROS 2 design is ng-ros. Questions should be asked on ROS answers, make sure to include at least the ros2 tag and the rosdistro version you are running, e.g. ardent.

Planned upcoming releases

This is a list of the features targeted for development in the future.

Subject to change.

Next release - Crystal Clemmys (December 2018)

The Crystal meta ticket on GitHub contains an up-to-date state of the ongoing high level tasks as well as references specific tickets with more details.

Future (in no specific order)

Design / Concept

  • Support for non-ASCII strings in messages / services
  • Progress on migration plan
  • Reconsider 1-to-1 mapping of ROS nodes to DDS participants
  • Python-based launch with stable API, introspectable, optional XML frontend
  • Make ament_cmake available in ROS 1 and/or catkin available in ROS 2

Infrastructure and tools

  • Building
    • Support to generate “fat” packages / archives
    • Windows and Mac OS packages
  • Documentation
    • Platform for documentation (like wiki.ros.org), allow easy contributions as well as optionally facilitate a review process
    • Support for doc jobs on the ROS 2 buildfarm
    • Consider consolidating with design.ros2.org
    • Provide three different kinds of content:
      • “demos” to show features and cover them with tests
      • “examples” to show a simple/minimalistic usage which might have multiple ways to do something
      • “tutorials” which contain more comments and anchors for the wiki (teaching one recommended way)

New features

The trailing stars indicate the rough effort: 1 star for small, 2 stars for medium, 3 stars for large.

  • Expose matched publisher / subscriber count (rather than only based on the topic name) [**]
    • E.g. a best effort publisher and a reliable subscriber, the current API returns 1 subscriber for the topic, so the publisher might do computational intensive work even though no subscriber needs the messages
    • Querying this information requires a publisher / subscriber handle (against which the matched count is determined)
    • Requires knowledge of the rmw interface which needs to be extended
  • Logging improvements [* / **]
    • Configuration specified in a file
    • Log to file
    • Log to rosout topic
    • The API has a single callback at the moment, a composition callback could implement the multiple additional “destinations”
    • Most of the implementation should be done in rcl
    • C++ stream operators
  • Additional Graph API features [** / ***]
  • Remapping [** / ***]
    • Dynamic remapping and aliasing through a Service interface
  • Type masquerading [***]
  • Expand on real-time safety [***]
    • With FastRTPS
    • For services, clients, and parameters
    • Support deterministic ordering of executables in Executor (fair scheduling)
    • Expose more quality of service parameters related to real-time performance
    • Real-time-safe intra-process messaging
  • Multi-robot supporting features and demos [***]
    • Undesired that all nodes across all robots share the same domain (and discover each other)
    • Design how to “partition” the system
  • Implement C client library rclc [**]
  • Support more DDS / RTPS implementations:
    • Connext dynamic [*]
    • RTI’s micro implementation [*]
    • Eclipse Cyclone DDS (former ADLINK OpenSplice) [*]
  • security improvements:
    • more granularity in security configuration (allow authentication only, authentication and encryption, etc) [*]
    • extend access control permission generation to support services [*]
    • integrate DDS-Security logging plugin (unified way to aggregate security events and report them to the users through a ROS interface) [**]
    • key storage security (right now, keys are just stored in the filesystem) [**]
    • more user friendly interface (make it easier to specify security config). Maybe a Qt GUI? This GUI could also assist in distributing keys somehow. [***]
    • A way to say “please secure this running system” with some UI that would auto-generate keys and policies for everything that is currently running. [***]
    • If there are hardware-specific features for securing keys or accelerating encryption/signing messages, that could be interesting to add to DDS/RTPS implementations that don’t use it already. [***]

Port of existing ROS 1 functionality

Reducing Technical Debt

  • Extend testing and resolve bugs in the current code base
    • Waitset inconsistency
    • Multi-threading problems with components
    • Reduce overhead / latency of intra-process communication
  • Fix flaky tests.
  • Ability to run (all) unit tests with tools e.g. valgrind
  • API review
  • Synchronize / reconcile design docs with the implementation.
    • Pre-release retrospective review (APIs, docs, etc.)
  • Address / classify pending tickets
  • Address TODOs in code / docs

Past releases

See list of releases.