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ROS 2 Foxy Fitzroy (codename ‘foxy’; May 23rd, 2020)

Foxy Fitzroy is the sixth release of ROS 2.

Supported Platforms

Foxy Fitzroy is primarily supported on the following platforms:

Tier 1 platforms:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal): amd64 and arm64

  • Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave)

  • Windows 10 (Visual Studio 2019)

Tier 2 platforms:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal): arm32

Tier 3 platforms:

  • Debian Buster (10): amd64, arm64 and arm32

  • OpenEmbedded Thud (2.6) / webOS OSE: arm32 and x86

For more information about RMW implementations, compiler / interpreter versions, and system dependency versions see REP 2000.

New features in this ROS 2 release

During the development the Foxy meta-ticket on GitHub contains an up-to-date state of the ongoing high level tasks as well as references specific tickets with more details.

Changes since the Eloquent release

Default working directory for ament_add_test

The default working directory for tests added with ament_add_test has been changed to CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR to match the behavior of CMake add_test. Either update the tests to work with the new default or pass WORKING_DIRECTORY ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR} to restore the previous value.

Default Console Logging Format

The default console logging output format was changed to include the timestamp by default, see:

Timeline before the release

A few milestones leading up to the release:

Wed. April 8th, 2020

API and feature freeze for core packages Only bug fix releases should be made after this point. New packages can be released independently.

Mon. April 13th, 2020 (beta)

Updated releases of core packages available. Testing of the new features.

Wed. May 13th, 2020 (release candidate)

Updated releases of core packages available.

Wed. May 20, 2020

Freeze rosdistro. No PRs for Foxy on the rosdistro repo will be merged (reopens after the release announcement).