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Using Sphinx for cross-referencing packages

This is an example of how you can cross-reference packages documentation within rosindex using Sphinx.

Inventory files must be added to ROSIndex Sphinx’s conf.py file found here. Note that the URI added to the configuration file must point to the directory where the .inv file is rather than to the file itself (i.e: http://docs.ros.org/independent/api/catkin_pkg instead of http://docs.ros.org/independent/api/catkin_pkg/objects.inv).

Linking to other sites using Intersphinx

(Partially borrowed from here).

  • You may supply an explicit title and reference target: :role:\`title <target>\` will refer to target, but the link text will be title.
  • If you prefix the content with !, no reference/hyperlink will be created.
  • If you prefix the content with ~, the link text will only be the last component of the target. For example, :py:meth:\`~Queue.Queue.get\` will refer to Queue.Queue.get but only display get as the link text.

Examples of intersphinx in action

Links to source code can be created as follows:

Class :class:`vcstools.VcsClient` implements the :meth:`vcstools.VcsClient.checkout` method.

Class vcstools.VcsClient implements the vcstools.VcsClient.checkout() method.

Links to documentation pages:

Refer to :doc:`vcstools Developer's Guide document<developers_guide>`.

Refer to vcstools Developer’s Guide document.

Links to other pages in this documentation:

See `the installation page <Installation>`.

See the installation page.