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Installing University or Evaluation Versions of RTI Connext DDS

A libraries-only version of RTI Connext DDS 5.3.1 may be installed per the installation instructions for Debian/Ubuntu Linux (amd64) platforms only, under a non-commercial license.

A full-suite installation of RTI Connext DDS is available for many additional platforms, for universities, evaluation, or purchase. This installation includes diagnostic tools, layered services, and security. See below for installation details.


As of the ROS2 ‘Dashing’ release, the Connext RMW layer in ROS2 is compatible with version 5.3.x of RTI Connext DDS, but not with the most-recent version (6.0.0).

The Connext RMW layer is being modified for 6.0.x compatibility and will be available prior to the next release of ROS2.

RTI University Program

University researchers and classroom users may be eligible for a free academic license through the RTI University Program. This includes a one-year (renewable) license to the unabridged version of Connext DDS Secure, which includes diagnostic tools and layered services. The university license application can be found here.

RTI Connext DDS Evaluation

To install RTI Connext DDS version 5.3.1 Evalution:
  • Visit the RTI Free Trial (5.3.1) site.

  • Register using the online form.

  • When directed to the download page, choose the version 5.3.1 installer for your platform.

  • Install RTI Connext 5.3.1 by running the installation program. When finished, it will run the RTI Launcher.

  • Use the RTI Launcher to install the license file (rti_license.dat) if needed. The launcher may also be used to launch the diagnostic tools and services.