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Contact us

If you try out ROS 2 and have feedback or questions, please get in touch with us.

General/design discussion

Discussions about ROS 2 development and plans are happening on the “Next Generation ROS” Discourse category (previously on the sig-ng-ros (Special Interest Group on Next-Generation ROS) mailing list). Join us there and participate in the conversation.

If you’d like to contact us privately (e.g., if your question contains information sensitive to your organization or project), you can email us directly at ros@osrfoundation.org.


If you need help with troubleshooting your system, please first check ROS Answers to see if others have come across similar issues, otherwise ask a new questions on ROS Answers making sure to include at least the ros2 tag and the rosdistro version you are running, e.g. ardent.

Opening issues

If you identify bugs, you can open an issue to notify the ROS team. Before opening an issue, check if other users have reported similar issues by searching across the ros2 and ament Github organizations: example search query.

If it has not been reported, feel free to open an issue in the appropriate repository tracker. If it’s not clear which tracker to use for a particular issue, file it in the ros2/ros2 repository and we’ll have a look at it. When filing an issue, please make sure to:

  • Include enough information for another person to understand the issue.

  • Include information about the exact platform, software, versions, and environment relevant to the problem. This includes how you installed the software (from binaries or from source) and which ROS middleware/DDS vendor you are using (if you know it).

  • In case of a bug consider providing a short, self contained, correct (compilable), example.

Pull requests are welcome for any of the ros2 repositories to suggest specific code changes! See Contributing for more details on how to contribute.